Prepac White Berkshire 2 Drawer Night…

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Kristie First of all, once put together with the proper hardware, this is a very nice night stand. Having said that, prepare to invest a huge chunk of time accounting for the hundreds of small pieces, getting them in order, and then praying to God they all fit together correctly. Mine did not. Got everything put together up to the drawers and found out they routinely provide the wrong hardware - which they will replace if you call them. Why not provide the correct pieces from the manufacturer in the first place? It's not something a quick trip to the hardware store will fix - because all the pieces are especially machined for "this" piece of furniture. Oh - and they guarantee they'll get it out within 48 hours of your request - but that's not the shipping time, just the request processing time - took nearly two weeks to get four to six screws. Looks good...but I would question whether it's worth the effort.


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Prepac White Berkshire 2 Drawer Night…

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