Prepac Sonoma Black King Storage Head…

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Matt We were able to purchase this headboard with some of our wedding money, and I finally found some time to put it together. It's relatively easy to assemble (similar to IKEA furniture) and looks great with our bed. We have a HUGE pillowtop with normal size box springs so our bed is very tall (3 - 3 1/2 feet!) so the shelves on this were a little low at first, but I dropped a couple cinder blocks under it and it's perfect. It's great to have a place to put our Bibles and other books and everything! Overall, very satisfied.

Soon to be Married! =) "Alyssa" This piece was fun to put together! Great wood, great color, looks great when its all together. The only thing is some of the pieces at the bottom where the whole thing sits don't match up according to the pictures and they don't give you any extra pieces you need to put it all together. But other than that, it all looks great together! Just a tad bit wobley at the bottom but once the bed and frame are attached to it, it all goes!

J. Fields The headboard is easy to put together, but I would make sure you have a couple hours to do it. It looks great and fits perfectly with my bed. The finish does scratch easily so be careful.


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Prepac Sonoma Black King Storage Head…

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